Go on an adventure through the IceWorld „Orcland “ and join the small PingWins on their long way home. Build bridges to overcome obstacles, and help to melt thick layers of ice with a flamethrower. Fly down from a large iceberg with a propeller hat, smash chunks of ice with an ice ax to pieces, place penguin eggs to protect the PingWins from angry and hungry polar bears and Orcas. The goal is to lead as many PingWins as indicated through each level to get to the next. Think of the dangers and obstacles on your way.

An exciting adventure for big and more!

Connect with Facebook and play with friends, collect coins and exchange them for additional tools, make quick decisions, play well-thought-out and tricky, always keep an eye on the target.



  • Play against the clock
  • Little cute penguins, who only reach their destination together
  • Orcas and polar bears trying to block the way
  • Cross different ice-levels
  • Mastering dangers carefully
  • Bonus: Collect many coins



Click the button and download the PingWins Adventure game and dive into the world of adventure!